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This technology is the only of its kind in the world and allows us to focus on areas of our customers’ businesses that are often overlooked – saving them time, solving problems they often didn’t even know they had and reducing stress levels.

Offering a high rate of saving on fulfilment costs, kitting preassembles individual items into ready-to-ship kits instead of picking and packing those individual items.
ZOLAH™ incorporates the best technology and practices to ensure efficiency and accuracy on all your kitting requirements. ZOLAH™ analyses Personal Fatigue, Contingency Factors and Time-and-Motion Studies by project, ensuring cost-effective, labour-intensive solutions.

With trademarked Control Zone Technology, ZOLAH™ will keep you informed from order to delivery in real-time while offering a complete visual management matrix, for real-time control of all Point-of-Sale Marketing Material Distributions throughout your store universe. It allows you to enjoy improved control of your marketing material.

Using our Zolah™ system, we provide our clients with improved inventory stock management by tracking stock movement in real time. ZOLAH™ provides insight into the value and challenges of variety and volume of your Point-of-Sale display material. ZOLAH™ gives you real-time visibility according to your specific needs – by category, campaign and brand. We customise a programme to your specific needs.

The Zolah™ systems provide total order control and total quality management of your point of sale marketing material that allows you to only order material when and how you need it. ZOLAH™ controls all your Point-of-Sale Marketing Material and manufacturing requirements. ZOLAH™ also manages your complete third party manufacturing process ensuring total order control, collection and Total Quality Management of your Point-of-Sale marketing material.

ZOLAH™ generates real-time merchandising activity reports to individual retail outlets and gives you total visibility, ensuring your brand potential is managed in real-time. ZOLAH™ also identifies all merchandising focal-points and constraints within the merchandising process.

ZOLAH™ ensures insight and understands that the planning process of Point-of-Sale Logistics activities can be volatile. Butlers POS+ Logic offers you the ability to plan each step of your campaigns (from inception to execution) through our master planning schedule. Providing continuous real-time email reminders and progress update reporting.

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